Monday, January 11, 2016

Pistol Hill in our Backyard

Here we are at the trail head on Como Loma Alta and Del Lago. Ready for the hike to Pistol Hill. The snow on Rincon Peak in the background. Sherwin, Chuck, Larry, Suk and Toy... and Shirley took the picture.

It is only about half an hour to get to the fence on the way to Pistol Hill.

Someone was using the saguaro for target practice... and there was no way to recover the arrow that high up.

We enjoyed a snack... a little rest on our new bench... and I went off to rebuild a fallen cairn.  It took us two hours and six minutes to hike from Black Surrey Drive to the summit of Pistol... an elevation climb of 900 feet.

It is a trick to build it high with these irregular shaped rocks.

Toy took this photo of us on the new bench... and Bicycle Chuck is nursing a little cut on his leg that he got when he stumbled and fell climbing up here. Good shot Toy.

It was cool to be able to pick out Picacho Peak... someday we will climb it.

We hiked Wasson Peak, the tallest in the Tucson Range, just right of center, on New Years Day.

Pistol gives a great reward with views in all directions.  We decided it would be wise to bring some binoculars next time.

It was an easy hike up... and even easier coming home. Could not have been a more pleasant afternoon hike.

Toy asked,

"Do you know why it is called Pistol Hill? It's because they had a rifle range here."

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