Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Anniversary Adventure

Since we were in Kelowna for our anniversary, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Anyone who can put up with me for 49 years deserves recognition, right?

The Kelowna Mountain Agri Park is just south of the city... and we had a delightful afternoon exploring the property. To see the story of their vision click on this link. 

Interesting tower...

They used steel cable like the cable used in the suspension bridges for handrail on the  curved stair to the tower.

They made an awesome amphitheatre overlooking the lake and the city below. It was set up with tables today... and they had lots of photos around of weddings held here. What a great place for a dinner concert!

We brought a picnic lunch and sat here on this terrace to eat and enjoy the view.

We took this selfie after we had eaten to commemorate the day.

This was the first suspension bridge... called the Earth Bridge. It spans 400 feet and you can see the posts in place for a future vineyard below. I'm not sure how the chair lift fits into this.

We saw this sign which looks like names of ski runs... Is that what they are hoping to do on this rocky mountain top?

At this cave they are planning to serve ice wine... but we were too early! There was a long table set up in the cave with a dozen chairs on each side.

This signpost is surrounded by an experimental vineyard... but the plants are crying for some water and look pretty dry and neglected.

This sundial is really cool... a work of art! To help you understand the scale of this sundial look at the two tub chairs between some of the columns.

One thing about sundials is they don't adjust easily to Daylight Savings Time. This one was an hour off!

Our next experience was the Water Bridge... it goes to the cliffs and the 100 foot water fall.

They say this is the longest suspension bridge in North America... 800 feet. It takes us over the ponds to the cliffs.

When we walked around this boardwalk, which goes thru a vineyard, we saw why the waterfall wasn't working.  The electric motor that runs the pump to lift the water from this pond was all in pieces... There were wires apart; it looked like it has been broken down for some time.

Close up of kids on the Vineyard Bridge below.

This is the view of the amphitheatre and Visitor Centre from the Cliffs.

I think they put white vinyl stripes into the chainlink fencing on this bridge so it shows up better from a distance... plus it shields a little of the cross wind as people are passing on it.

We passed close to the underside of the Water Bridge as we headed over to go across on the Vine Bridge.  There are several cross cables to help minimize the cross swaying.

I sat down to take several shots of Shirley coming across the Vineyard Bridge...

...and she thought the picture was me taking her photo.

A little blue sky, a chairlift post, and people crossing on the Water Bridge.

I think this word sums up this place quite well.  I wish them well in their ambitious dream.

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." -Napoleon Hill