Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hiking Campbell Point Trail, Mayne Island

I invite you to join us in a walk along the beach at Bennett Bay... on Mayne Island.  This is one of our favourite beaches and parks on our island.

From this beach many visitors launch their kayaks... and several locals have canoes and small boats at Bennett Bay. If you rent a kayak this is where it gets delivered.

Lots of families were enjoying the beach today... and there is a part of it with some good sand.

When the tide is out you'll see in several places the lines of the rock layers.

Storms wash up some huge pieces of the driftwood on the beach,

When I saw my friend Roger taking a picture of this large piece...

I too wanted a close up of the interesting grain in this log.  I told Roger it reminded me of his hair.

He smiled and agreed.

The hike to the end of the Campbell Point Trail is pretty easy... and not very long.  You can access it from part ways along the beach... as well as from the parking lot.

But when you stop to take pictures it always takes a little longer.

Bennett Bay and Georgeson Island are also part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve... which was formed in 2003.

Georgeson Island is not very far from the point... and it looks like just a little island.  But it is likely five times longer than it is wide.  What we see from here is like looking at the end of your finger, whereas the island is your finger.

Along the trail are several interesting trees.  This huge burl will likely never make it into a woodworking project.  That is what a park does.  It protects natural beauty.

There are several Garry Oak trees at the end of the trail.  These trees are endangered... and we know from experience that to grow one from a starter is a low percentage game.  Shirley wants to try another time starting one from just an acorn.

Garry Oaks are the only native oak in British Columbia.

The survey marker in a rock at the point.

What a great setting to get a photo of your sweetheart.

In several places along the ocean we see large sandstone rocks with thousands of holes in them.

They make interesting patterns... but is there a name for these rocks?

I Googled it and the best answer is they are vesicular rocks... containing vesicles. Does anyone have first hand information about this?

Roger and Lori sat down in one of the larges vesicles for a little break... another photo op.

This blue heron also provided a photo op... doing a little morning fishing.

Climbing back up the hill from the water level we took the road less travelled... and it was a bit of a challenge.

I hope the people who carved their lovers initials into the bark are still together.

"Love me now... or love me never.
If you love me, love me forever."

"I loved you once, love you still.
I always have, and always will."

It seems like the arbutus trees draw me to take their picture... kind of like they invite some to carve their initials into them.

I don't know how this Garry Oak can grow seemingly out of a rock. Life is a struggle for these trees at best... but this one overlooking Bennett Bay has been shaped by the force of the wind over many years.

It was all I could do to catch this paddle boarder across the bay.  This wharf is not in the park...

But it always draws me to take yet another picture when the tide is out... the grain of the rock is beautiful.  That is Georgeson Island again left centre.

I had not noticed before how the rock in the bank is the same rock as on the beach.  Absolutely beautiful as it sweeps around... carved out over centuries of the washing of the waves.

These Canadian Geese spent more time with their heads under the water... feeding off the bottom of the bay... maybe grazing on eel grass.

Lori is checking out some sea life... thinking about possibilities for dinner?

Even this log provides a home for many sea creatures.

To check out some other related websites: Mayne Island Parks
They have lots of other Mayne Island things to do as well.

For a brochure from Parks Canada on the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve
There are over 30 places in this park reserve on several other Gulf Islands. I have a goal to try to see them all... so over time if you stick with me, you will see more blog posts on this theme. We're going to have to get a canoe or a kayak to get to several of the remote islands.

If you have any questions or wish printed information on the Gulf Islands National Parks... or hiking information in the Gulf Islands... here is a link to their contact information. They will send you anything they have.

My wife Shirley Ann also does a great blog with excellent photos and poetry.  click on: and the Living is Easy.

Quote of the Day:

"A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe." -attributed to Pierre Berton

Hmmmmm ...not as easy in a kayak.

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