Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Godfather Country -Sicily

Our tour bus could only get so far and then dropped us off to walk the rest of the way to this famous church at Savoca.

Within a couple minutes we walked past this cute little three-wheeled taxi... and had to get a photo.

Then about five minutes later this cute taxi came putting up the cobblestone driveway to the church.

I won't bore with all of my taxi photos... but I was quite taken with this super efficient vehicle.  I could hardly believe they got four people in that seat!  See Shirley also taking their picture.

Because of filming part of the Godfather movie here this little village has boomed in the after glow. It now became a tourist attraction.

Compared to some of the churches we have seen so far, I would say this is a modest sanctuary.

It was the first time, however, that we saw a statue of St. Lucy. I had to get a picture to show to our grand daughter Lucy.  Immediately St. Lucy had extra value to me.

Couldn't resist one more taxi photo.

Meeting another tour bus on the narrow winding road going back down the mountain was a little scary.

This was the second little town we visited.

Yet one more church to visit.  The attraction here was the free toilet on the view side.

And the view from the patio while waiting my turn at the biffy.... absolutely spectacular!

While shooting photos of these gold fish...

I caught this reflection in the pool.

On the way back I counted 22 tunnels to get to our ship.  These Italians are not afraid to drill a tunnel thru the mountains.  Unfortunately no tunnel photos... but I caught these sun-bathed clouds... another drive-by shooting out the bus window.

If you haven't seen Shirley's blog on the Godfather theme click on the link to get her take.

Favourite Godfather quote:

"My father put a gun to his head and said, either your signature or your brains will be on the contract..." Yet another offer you can't refuse.

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