Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun Pickleball with Rincon Friends

Today our Del Webb community hosted a fun Pickleball tournament.

My friend Lorne Booth brought over six other friends from the Rincon East RV Resort and we had an informal fun tourney.

We added two additional Pickleball courts in the tennis court next door... so that gave us four courts for our fun tournament.  And we used them all today.

We let the matches kind of happen with the only rule that we always had to have a different playing partner every game and we always tried to have at least one or two players from Rincon in every game... and we played with them as partners... not against them.

Lorne Booth is playing above with John Apgar.

One of my games was with Mary Lou as my partner.

All of these photos were shot by Shirley... since she wasn't playing, she just wandered around and tried to get a picture of everyone today.  Thank you, Shirley!  Good job.

This is Al playing with Jim from Rincon.  

Jim was the oldest player today on the court... and today we matched him up with our own Bob Shillinglaw and they played against me and John.

It was a hard fought match with the final score 14-12 for us.

This is our oldest Del Webb player... Bob Shillinglaw.  His wife Sally just told me that Bob was so delighted with the pickleball today... he came home and told her, "today I wasn't the oldest one on the court."  

And Sally also told me that this afternoon she played a little pickleball for the first time... and it was fun. Good for you, Sally!

Dennis from Rincon is playing this game with Diane.

 My Friend Lorne Booth from Canada.


 Dennis from Rincon.

 I got to play one game with Rick from Rincon today.

 Al certainly looked liked he was having a fun time.

 Kathy... the most faithful female player.  She usually plays three or four times a week with us.

 Gene was the first one to invite me to come and play pickleball when we first arrived here.


 Kathy sizing up where she is going to serve.

Millie often has classes to help the newest pickleball players learn the rules of the game and how to play.

 Bill from Rincon

Joe from Rincon.

 Dennis looks like he is getting ready to serve.

 Fred looks like he is wondering if that last ball was in... or out?

 Rick... he and I laid out and put down the masking tape to set up the fourth pickleball court for today.

At the end of each game the players come to the net and exchange greetings by touching your paddle handle to each of the other players handles.

After we all had played six games we added up the scores of each player.  John was the happiest and luckiest, as the last game we played gave him an extra point, even though he lost that game, because we went to 14 -12 it gave him the winning point he needed.  Very close second, third and fourth were myself, Dennis and Lorne.

But really we were all winners today... it was just a lot of fun to play in this fun tournament. After the games we all came to the clubhouse for cake and coffee... or whatever one prefers to drink.

We parted with our new friends and exchanged goodbyes saying "we have to do this again."

"The only way to have a friend is to be one." -Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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