Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting Into Tucson Mode

Sitting at my desk this is the roof over the master bedroom.

The house next door has the roof tiles loaded on the roof, so maybe next week we will see those installed... they look better once they are properly placed.

These three windows are above the bed in the master bedroom.

About the only place you can see the solar panels is from the patio... which at this time has not been completed.

This small concrete slab doesn't count as a patio!

At certain times of the day when the sun comes thru the patio doors you see a green cast of light... the energy efficient gas between inside the sealed units.

All the walls are textured... but it only shows up this dramatic when the angle of the sun is on it just right.

Every day we have been getting closer to picking the colours for our home.  Sitting on the granite countertop is the 16" tile... to the left are the taupe wall colours Shirley has picked... and the other colours are going to be the accent colours.

We went for a little exploratory walk this morning.  We parked at the golf course and walked down to the Pantano Wash where there is a hiking trail.  As we followed it the golf course comes along side, and we found several golf balls.  There was a pond on the course where this duck was enjoying the day.

There was a tournament happening here this morning... but we will no doubt get in several rounds here as time permits.

No one wants to cut lawn here... so there are mostly various desert plants used to landscape the homes here.  In time we will acquire a few different ones.  The largest tree in our front yard didn't survive, so it is going to be replaced with a Palo Verde... just love the green bark on that tree.

And these prickly pear cactus are very common here... and quite pretty when in bloom come spring.

So far the weather has been awesome... around 80 F. every day and sunny.

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