Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

Roses are not always red...

And violets are usually some shade of blue...

Sugar is not the only thing that is sweet.

In fact, it doesn't even hold a candle to you!

Happy Birthday, Shirley Ann.

My all time favourite photo of my sweetheart is this one she gave me at the end of the 12th grade school year.

Why do I love you?

Let me count the ways.

You will most often see Shirley smiling... she can always find some reason to be happy.  This was at Canon Beach last Thanksgiving/Birthdays and Christmas celebration with our family.

I love Shirley because she not only loves to walk but we encourage each other to take the time to get out add walk every day.  This arbutus tree is behind her is near the end of the trail at Edith Point.  Photo taken Dec. 30 last winter.

Shirley showing off her new pantry cabinet... before we got the granite countertop.

Shirley is here holding the granite slab secure as we used the tractor to move it from the truck to the front door.  Always willing to help.

Once again Shirley with her perpetual smile.

This photo was taken to show the BlueSkin water deterrent product we used.  It was a pretty cool January day... and Shirley is trying to keep warm as she is getting ready to pass the window thru the opening so I can nail it into place.

With the exception of six windows that were too heavy and too high on the front elevation , Shirley helped install all of the other 30 windows.

We did a Caribbean cruise in March.  Trying to take a photo of the bridge on the ship I caught Shirley's reflection in the window... smiling again as usual.

We usually walked the track on Deck 14 of the ship... but on a couple of rainy mornings Shirley and I went to the gym.

We had four days in New Orleans after the cruise... walked a lot of streets and saw a lot of sights.

Our favourite hiking trail in Tucson is Sabino Canyon.  We often hike this track several times a week.

Shirley always enjoys going to Butchart Gardens... an excellent opportunity to capture some beautiful flower photos.  On this visit we had my sister Dolores and Merritt with us.

Another sunny day at Butchart Gardens.

When I look back on the year and all the photos I have taken I realize that I don't take as many photos of my sweetheart as I could.  That is one thing I am going to change in the days ahead.

With each year I'll love you more.  The best years are still ahead and I'll be there for you for every up down and in between.


  1. Thank you, Bear. It has been a busy has been a busy 50 years...oh my, how the time did fly!

  2. Definitely lots of smiling! I think I come by it honestly.. ha! Happy Birthday, eh?

  3. What lovely photos and wonderful words--you both are truly blessed!!