Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Terry Fox Run

First of all I want to say a BIG Thank You to all who sponsored Shirley and me in the Terry Fox Run last Sunday.

This is the first year that we have had anything to do with the Terry Fox Charity Run... and I must say that I was amazed at how well organized this event is here on our little Mayne Island.  And the results speak for themselves... setting a record of raising over $18,000 this year here.

My first contact was with Elaine Marlon-Lambert, one of the co-ordinators along with Carol Haller for the Terry Fox Run here on Mayne Island.  She told me she is a cancer survivor also and has been doing this event for 10 years now.  When I asked if there was a form online that I could get to sign up people to sponsor me she said yes... but I could never find it.  But I did everything else I could do... I registered for the run and set up my own webpage.   I sent out an email with the  link to my friends and invited them to sponsor me.  It was wonderful to see people sponsoring me and sending in their contributions online.  The support was much more than I expected, I raised my goal twice and still blew over the top!  Plus, many of those who sponsored me left encouraging notes on my blog... which was really nice.

On the day of the Run/Walk there were three stations where you could register for the event or make contributions to the charity.  From the left, Rose White, Bev & Ed McKenzie.

Shirley was there to see me come in at the finish line... but I had the iphone camera in my pocket, so she took my picture standing in front of the Terry Fox Run sign.

These are the feet of Shirley after she did the 5 km walk.
These are my feet after doing the 10 km run... which according to my GPS watch was just a tad under 9 km.
As I was approaching the finish line I was looking at my time... I knew already that if I was coming in under 60 minutes the distance was likely less than a full ten km.  An old Clydesdale is not that fast!

Everyone who ran or walked in this event was given icecream with sundae toppings, including Smarties!  It didn't take Shirley long to make it disappear.

They were set up with burgers, hot dogs and fried onions... so since it was getting close to 1:30 pm... we had a little lunch there.  Murray Gratham at the grill.

Jack Lewis was one of many people from the community enjoying a little picnic in the park.

Jerry Betker taking a break from the cooking team, along with Sylvia Slinn and Jeanne Lewis.  There was a pretty good turn out... which is why this year,s numbers were over the top. 

Terry and Jim Forster managed this sales table... a lot of people bought Terry Fox 30th anniversary tee shirts and shoe laces.

There were 20 Mayne Island residents that registered as cancer survivors... for which they recieve a red tee shirt.  Everyone else can get a blue tee shirt.  We stopped and met a fellow runner, Jean Beaudet, who told us how amazed he was to do 10 km. today.  In his wildest dreams he never imagined he would be doing 10 km today!  A couple of years ago the doctors had given him 3 months to live and he is still here.  Every day is a gift from God.
See you again next year!

There is going to be a movie on TSN this Wednesday at 6 PM Pacific Time about Terry Fox and co-directed by Steve Nash... our local Victoria basketball hero! I doubt Terry ever dreamt that his inspiration would generate 500 million dollars in 30 years!  It has been the most successful charity event in Canada!

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