Sunday, March 27, 2011

If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait a Little... It Will Change

The following photos were all taken on the same day.

Just as I was starting to shut my computer down and head for the ferry on Friday, I heard the distinct call of bald eagles talking to each other.  I wondered, are the eagles back on the top of the tree house tree?

Yes!  So I quickly mounted the 400 mm lens and camera on my tripod and through the living room window took a few shots o these gorgeous birds.  The storm was blowing pretty hard and it was raining... but these birds were enjoying each other's company... talking away to each other, seemingly oblivious of the weather.

We had a long lunch with Bob White from Kelowna, who met us in Sidney.  We were not sure if the sun was going to come out this afternoon... but as we finished eating we figured it looked safe to take Bob over to Butchart Gardens for a quick visit.  Midway through the afternoon we had beautiful sunshine.

 It is nice having a seasons pass, so we are planning to getting our money's worth out of it this year.  The Gardens were bursting forth colourful crocuses everywhere we went.

At the end of our walk around I commented to Bob that there could easily be close to a million of these early bloomers here at Butchart Gardens.

I saw varieties of crocuses that I have never, ever seen before...

And this hairy specimen reminded me of the type of crocuses we had back on the farm in Alberta that grew wild in the rangeland.

With millions of flowers blooming, there is no end to the possibilities and angles to compose a photo.

The red tulips were wonderful.... so colourful.  And there were endless daffodils.

When we saw this succulent plant it looked so healthy... and I just loved the pattern of the leaves.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that almost every flower had at least one raindrop.

So I zoomed in on a single blossom to capture the diamond close-up.  Ask me if I am having fun?

Have you ever noticed how even in nature there seems to be one who wants to be different from the group?

"If there are things you don't like in the world you grew up in, make your own life different." -Dave Thomas


  1. Gorgeous photos, Pa. Really beautiful. I think I need some camera lessons...

  2. Very lovely...especially enjoy those eagles. It is so cool that we finally recognize their call, after all the years living here. Such an unusual call for such a large bird. Love to hear it though.

  3. What amazing photos!!!I too think eagles are the most majestic birds!!!The flower photos made me just want to reach out and touch them. Thanks for sharing. Don't you just love spring time!!!